SRG City Landscape Ltd (Hereafter referred as “SRG”) is one of the key members of SRT design group.

The other key member of the design group, SRT (S&P) Architects Ltd (Hereafter referred as “SRT (S&P)”) is a Hong Kong based Architects practice having one of the best industry know-how and track record for planning and designing developments in China. SRT (S&P) has provided urban design and architectural design services since its establishment in 1990, and has been providing consultation service on environmental and landscape design since 1995. In 2002 SRT (S&P) set up a dedicated landscape design department to provide full landscape design service, and in 2005 a separate landscape design company called SRG City Landscape Ltd was set up.

Today, SRG headquartered in HK and with workshops in China, is a landscape design company providing professional services in landscape master planning, environmental and landscaping design, and project management for following project types:
  • Parks and public facilities
  • Resorts and recreational facilities
  • Residential developments
  • Urban environmental Design
  • Urban renewal
  • Office and commercial plazas

Comprising a group of distinctive international professionals, SRG is highly regarded and trusted by our clients for our design creativity, down-to-earth working ethics and attentive service.

SRG was experienced in varied Chinese projects. From the year of 2002, we have accomplished more than 100 projects distributed in more than 40 cities of mainland China, covering different area with different climate and nature resources.
Our projects spread over China. In the South China including the Hainan, Guangdong and Fujian. From the North China including the Beijing and Tianjin to Jilin and Liaoning in the Northeast China. In the East China including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Xinjiang; Shanxi and Sichuan in the West China and to the Hubei and Hunan in the middle China.
Besides, we also have experiences in oversea projects, like in HK, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.

SRG has proven our competence to lead projects and produce excellent landscape design solutions with strict budget control. SRG is committed to provide top quality professional services, work together with clients to meet quality, time and budget targets, with the objective to create an inspiring built environment that is compatible with nature and conducive to healthy living.