Often times, we tend to forget that softscape plays a major role in our daily lives. We see it differently and never realize that it has always been one of the main ingredients of our survival. If we look deeper into its essence, we would surely understand that it has enhanced the quality of our lives in many different ways. Landscape has been a part of our global concern of the environment and will always be for generations to come.

In the ever growing human communities, we often destroy nature to cope with the endless demand of space for human habitat. Therefore, we as landscape designers use our best effort to re-instate what we have taken away in the process of development that we participated, keeping also the balance between hardscape and softscape in the communities to enhance the environment and increase the properties’ value.

SRG is committed to creating a landscape that fulfills our client’s desire to give home buyers a reassuring feeling of belonging and contentment.

Inspiration, Planning, Innovation, Layering, Texture, Colour
These are the key ingredients that SRG embraces in our design principles.

Inspiration is the key to creative ideas that would take us step farther in nurturing a natural environment where we co-exist. We take pride in planning even the most treacherous land formation and geographical location. We innovate to cope with the rapid pace of change in design and technology. We compose different ideas that go well with the theme and style of any given task. Careful layering of trees and combination of plant species are well considered for a harmonious growth and supplement overall visual effect in our design. The right texture and color will give the final touches of a good softscape design.

All of these factors play a significant role in SRG’s vision of a good landscape design. The passion, dedication and commitment exhibited by our design team have through the years successfully delivered more than what has been expected of us from our clients, and we shall continue to do so in the years ahead.