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In the field of biomaterials, Guanhao has built an animal-derived biomaterials technology platform. With the leading level in the field of research and development of new biological materials and products with regeneration induction function, Guanhao Biology has undertaken more than 20 national and local scientific and technological projects, and has become a national R&D center and industrial demonstration base in this field.



By using new biomaterials which can be used as temporary matrix and template for tissue regeneration, we can directly replace defect tissue, collect growth factors and stem cells in situ, induce tissue regeneration and achieve regenerative repair.

The products developed by Guanhao rel on its unique innovative technology. In the field ofbiomaterials it includes the following four core technologies:

1.Tissue fixation technology: Replace the glutaraldehyde fixation technology which has residual toxicity with leading epoxy fixation technology. The natural biomaterial has high technical stability and self controlled degradation rate and time.

2.Antigen removal technology: According to the principles of molecular biology and modern immunochemistry, the structural sites causing immunogenicity are treated, effectively removing antigenicity of heterogeneous tissues and improve the histocompatibility of materials.

3.Protein mechanical modification technology: The molecular design method is used to cross-link the biological macromolecules that make up the tissue, the chemical modification of grafting, and the physical modification can improve the strength and rigidity and flexibility of the materials, which can not only improve the biomechanical compliance of the materials, it can also compensate for the intensity loss caused by biochemical treatment and irradiation sterilization, so that the degree of freedom of biochemical treatment and sterilization is greater and more effective.

4.Tissue induction technology: By modifying the surface of the material with adhering growth factor, seed cell polypeptide and other active components, the material can be re-implanted into human body to collect growth factor and seed cells in situ, and effectively induce tissue regeneration.