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Since 2013, Guanhao has extended business to cell and stem cell industry, covering immune cell storage, stem cell storage, transformation application technology and other related technical research and services. Guanhao has established the first and only GMP certified cell preparation workshop and quality control system in China.

In 2014, Guanhao cooperated with Peking University to establish the "Peking University Guanhao Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Institute" (hereinafter referred to as Beihao Research Institute). With the international leading CiPS technology and EPS technology of Professor Deng Hongkui of Peking University, Beihao Research Institute continued to carry out research on artificial liver, multi-target CART and other cell therapeutic technologies. Beihao Research Institute is committed to become the world-class international stem cell research and clinical transformation institute. Beihao Research Institute has formed a "four-in-one" industrial model, which integrates cell technology research and development, regional cell preparation, biological data and cell experience center. It specializes in providing cell storage, scientific research cooperation and related technical services, and actively develops anti-aging and repairing bio-skin care products.



The cell repository

Guanhao biotech has the first GMP clean-grade biological sample bank in China, covering an area of 420 square meters. It has independent human flow, logistics channel, cell storage area and functional auxiliary area to prevent pollution and cross-contamination to the maximum extent, and can accommodate 21 large liquid nitrogen tanks of 1770L,which can store 2 million cells at the same time. At the same time, Guanhao biotech has built a regional cell preparation center integrating cell preparation and cell storage with more than 1000 square in key cities such as Wuhan and Hangzhou to meet the cell storage needs of the national market.

Guanhao Biobank is equipped with automatic liquid nitrogen addition and remote temperature monitoring system, international brand sample information management system, to maximize the safety of storage samples.

The number of storage cells is the highest in the industry

The storage of 1.5 billion immune cells at a time may be more than 10 times that of other manufacturers, with an average survival rate of 95%.

Storage cell species are the most in the industry

Support all immune cell therapies, including dendritic cell therapy, natural killer cell therapy, T cell therapy, etc.

Unique technology

Technical treated blood storage, with blood separation, purification and concentration technology to remove red blood cells and granular cells in the blood, the proportion of immune cells retained increased by 2-3 times.